About us

Kandidata is an international consultancy specializing in testing, personnel assessments, development and training. Our organization is based upon scientifically proven theories of how sustainable success is reached amongst individuals and organizations – the study of emotional intelligence. With the help of quality-assured testing tools, we can measure and develop the abilities and potential of individuals and groups in a way that promotes success and profitability for your business.

Running a company has never been as complex as it is now. The biggest possibilities, and threats, are seldom around the corner but on the other side of the globe. Throughout the world, companies are doing their best to adjust to a globalized, digitalized and transparent world. Factors such as technology, strategy, financing and brand building is evaluated, at the same time as everyone involved agrees that the staff is the company’s biggest and more unique asset.

Maybe it is not that strange. To work with the soft values has long been a vague art when it should be about exact and reliable science. Consider the possibility that it is possible to focus on the determining success factor. What if there are scientifically validated tools to measure and develop the potential of the personnel, both at an individual- and group level. What would it mean for your company’s development? What would it mean for the well-being of your personnel? 

Our work is always based on well tested tools which are deeply rooted in research and provide measurable results. We work with some of the world’s best assessments of emotional intelligence/EQ and problem-solving/IQ and we offer them in many different languages.