Act to Perform

Act to Perform is a sister company in Christer Olsson Group which focuses wholly on individual, group and leadership development. Act to Perform offers developmental programs for leaders, board of directorates, future leaders and trainees as well as different group development programs.

We work with making the complicated easy and make sure we act to reflect and learn. Both you and me have enough knowledge and tools for missions and challenges. What we need is the want to choose and the courage to use it.

Our different programs are tailored-made and often based on emotional intelligence. They focus on the individual’s dynamic abilities and potential instead of the less flexible personality focus. In order to gain an insight into the abilities and resources of an individual or group the program begins with scientifically validated assessments. This means that our contributions are easy to identify and evaluate.

Group development

Development happens when you and me have the want and will to become aware of what we do well, and what we need to improve. We believe that all people can improve both individually and in groups. Our interventions are always based on science which allows us to identify the abilities and resources of individuals and groups.

Learn more about how we work with group development in our product leaflet.

Directorate development

As the most experienced leaders already know, social and emotional abilities are crucial for organizational success. Successful leaders have at all times trusted and managed their emotions and their intuition. Our development efforts are always based in science where we first acquire an understanding of the individuals’ and group’s abilities and resources. Then we work with the leadership required in your particular business with regard to the challenges you face or those you are in the middle of.


Read more about how we work with directorate development in our product leaflet.