Independent personality assessments issued by experts are highly valuable in order to increase successful recruitments and selections.

We work with candidate assessments and selection of high-ranking executives in Swedish and international companies as well as a system of selection for other personnel categories. We exclusively offer validated and scientifically based methods and assessments, and conduct our own research in collaboration with several different universities.

To maintain a high level of service and innovation along with our long-term goals we are constantly improving through taking part in international networks and conferences. We strong collaboration with our partners in some of North Americas top universities and largest test distributers.

In our interaction with candidates we see ourselves as representatives of your company and want to make sure that the people visiting us will receive a positive experience. We ensure that we treat people in a nice and respectful way and that we always provide proper feedback on all assessment tools administered. We think that it is self-evident that all tests used have been thoroughly scrutinized, are that they approved through substantial research and that we provide the opportunity to compare the tests between several different norm groups.

We know that a test is never better than the professional administrator’s quality of feedback dialogue, interview with the candidate and the interpretation of the results when compared to the specified requirements. At Kandidata our consultants have substantial experience of assessments, behavioural science and organizational psychology.

Even the candidates who do not get the job should have a positive and growth fostering experience and consider both us at Kandidata and your company as companies where you are treated in a competent and pleasant manner.


Remote assessments

We also administer assessments remotely. We always advocate for personal meetings, however, in an increasingly global world this is not always a possibility. We have therefor created a secure process with digital solutions for personality assessments of high quality. Please contact us for more information.

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