Change Style Indicator®

To be resilient to change, you need to understand your preferred change style as well as other preferences. By doing so, you may help identify the factors which can affect an organizations readiness to manage and maintain change in challenging times. The Change Style Indicator is designed to measure your preferred styles when approaching and managing change.

This assessment will help you identify strengths and pitfalls of change style characteristics so that you can:

  • Improve teamwork by avoiding conflicts and reduce unproductive meeting time
  • Consider all perspectives when resolving issues to improve cooperation
  • Enable the group’s creativity and innovation through understanding the different styles
  • Reach win-win solutions faster through promoting successful teams
  • Learn the benefits and strength that each style bring to an organization

The three styles


  • Accept structures
  • Prefer gradual change
  • May seem cautious and inflexible but ask the hard, detailed questions


  • Examine structures
  • Work well as mediators and catalysts
  • Prefer change that promote function
  • May appear reasonable, practical and flexible but also noncommittal


  • Challenge structures
  • Appreciate and enjoy risk and uncertainty
  • Prefer quicker, more expansive and radical change
  • May appear disorganized and undisciplined but are original thinkers


Suited for

Everyone who wants to know more about their preference to change. Suitable for those that want to know more about why certain individuals seem so threatened by change and want to preserve the “status-quo” at every cost, while others seem prone to constant change and want to change everything. The tool records both initiated and already imposed change initiatives and places the individual on a continuum between conservers and originators, with pragmatists in the between.


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