"Where are you going - and do you want to get there?"

More and more people are seeking the meaning of life and many are searching in bookshelves, where there is an abundance of prophets, life remedies, psychological strategies and mystical models. However, there is only one fisher boy from Öckerö outside Gothenburg who made common sense into his business model.

It has taken him far. Christer’s sound advice is just as meaningful for a business executive as it is for a retiree, student and other ordinary people. Where are you going- and do you want to get there? is Christer’s first book and in it you will find the sum of his ideas, presented in an easily palatable and cautious way for those of you who have both feet on the ground yet enjoy soaring away sometimes. The book is currently only available in Swedish

Yes, I would like to order the book “Vart är du på väg – och vill du dit? ” !

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