Common Questions about the WPT

Here you can find the most common questions and answers about the problem-solving test WPT- Wonderlic Personnel Test

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General information about the WPT

  • What is the research behind the Wonderlic Personnel Test?

    The Wonderlic Personnel Test has undergone extensive research documented in a variety of research reports. The test has been reviewed by the Buros Center for Testing, perhaps the most reputable survey institute in the world. The combined knowledge of WPT makes up over 75 years of research on millions of individuals worldwide, one of the reasons why the WPT is an extremely reliable instrument. The practical use of the test is to significantly improve your understanding and assessment of appropriateness regarding the people you interview, recruit, train and / or consult with.

    It is not always necessary to fully understand the complex psychological formulations and theories behind the design and development of the test. However, it is important to understand that the WPT is a highly advanced psychometric instrument with a high validity and reliability. WPT provides a reliable estimate of general cognitive talent, i.e. ability to acquire knowledge, understand instructions and solve problems.

  • How many have used the problem-solving assessment WPT?

    Wonderlic Personnel Test – WPT has been administered to more than 200 million people.

  • What determines the validity of a test?

    The validity is determined by how well the assessment measures what it is intended to measure. Wonderlic has conducted extensive documented research which has proved the validity of the WPT.

  • Does the test need to be administered by a licensed psychologist?

    No, Wonderlic’s WPT tests are designed to be administered and interpreted by people trained in the testing tool.

  • How can I become an authorized test administrator?

    We continuously train people in the assessment tool WPT. Please go to the “Education” tab to read more about it and sign up. 


Certified administrators

  • How can I purchase the test?

    Certified WPT administrators are eligible to purchase the tests. If you are using the WPT Online you will be sent a monthly invoice to the specified billing address. If you want to order the WPT paper version, you will need to send your order to

The paper version of the WPT

  • Is the WPT test available in paper form?

    Yes, the WPT-test is also available on paper and can be used if a computer is not available. The test consists of 50 questions and the time allowed is exactly 12 minutes.


  • What is the WPT-Q?

    WPT-Q is a shortened, quicker version of the renowned Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT). The test can be completed remotely from any location, all that is needed is a computer with internet connection. The results of the report are delivered directly to you via the Wonderlic Online portal. WPT-Q consists of 30 questions, and the allowed time is exactly 8 minutes, which is automatically managed by the system.

    WPT-Q helps you to preliminarily match job seekers with jobs where they can work efficiently while feeling intellectually satisfied. The test is suited for mass recruitments and helps you to sort among candidates you are selecting from, ensuring that you do not spend valuable time on individuals who later prove insufficiently qualified for the role.

    You can read more about WPT-Q in our product leadlet, located in the right-hand side menu.

  • How are the results reported?

    As the test is completed remotely without supervision, the result is reported as either green (the candidate can progress in the process), yellow (the candidate may proceed based on performance on other selection methods) or red (the candidate will not progress in the process). These ranges are customized in dialogue with Kandidata based on the requirements of specific roles.

  • What languages is the WPT-Q available in?

    The WPT-Q is available in the following languages: 

    • Swedish
    • English
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish


  • What is the WPT-R?

    The WPT-R is the sequel to the classic WPT test and builds on the latest research and technology for psychology testing for organizations. It measures verbal, numerical, spatial and logical ability, summarized in a so-called G-factor, general skill.

    WPT-R provides a fast and reliable measure of general capability and problem-solving ability. The result provides a good understanding of how easy it is for a person to collect new information, solve problems and how intellectually challenging he or she may find a new job. By using WPT, you may shorten the training time of new employees and increase the likelihood of hiring the right person in the right place. WPT-R consists of 50 questions and the allowed time is exactly 12 minutes, which is automatically managed by the system. There are instructions on how the test works, as well as several exercise questions to be solved before the test is started.

    You can read more about WPT-R in our product leaflet, located in the right-hand side menu.

  • How are the results presented?

    The results are presented in an automated report with all necessary information, such as WPT-scores, IQ-scores and percentile.

  • In what languages is the test available?

    The WPT-R is available in the following languages:

    • Swedish
    • English
    • French
    • Portuguese
    • Spanish