Diversity Icebreaker™

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Diversity Icebreaker™ is a tool for group development, developed by the Norwegian company Human Factors. It is based on substantial research into communication styles and helps create a safe environment where commonalities and differences within the group may be identified. The group participates in exercises designed to increase understanding of the other group members. These exercises are also designed to help the group make use of their strengths. The members of the group are given individual opportunities to explore their own unique qualities and experience the effects of categorization and identity. The tool creates a solid foundation for also being able to engage in deeper discussions and expand the notion of diversity.   

Possible areas of use: 


- Development of teams and workgroups

- Development of communication and negotiations 

- In seminars about openness, feedback and learning

- To create experience-based learning groups

- To work with multi-cultural groups

- Development of competencies

A Diversity Icebreaker™ - seminar takes about 1-2 hours and is based on the unique Diversity Icebreaker™ - material that Kandidata has for sale. We at Kandidata also arrange workplace – located workshops led by our consultants. Feel free to have a look at a video from a DI – workshop here.


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