Emotional intelligence = success

The term emotional intelligence is becoming more recognized throughout the world, especially in larger organizations who have realized that employees are their most valuable asset. Research is clearly showing how organizations achieve impressive cost-effective results through using EQ assessments in their operations. In 2008 the American Air Force deployed the EQ-i and managed to save over $3,000,000 through increasing their ability to recruit pilots, air traffic controllers and parachute jumpers successfully by a factor of three, estimating future savings to approximate $190,000,000. Such success stories range from the USAF to Google, American Express and L’Oreal, who have increased their sales significantly through hiring the right people and helping their existing staff develop with the EQ-i.

A specific area of obvious interest is how emotional intelligence can be helpful to executives and managers. The research shows that successful leaders score higher on the EQ-test compared to the average population. In a study from MHS Inc. comprising of 220 executives, four factors to determine successful leadership were extracted; their ability to be authentic, to coach their employees, to convey a purpose and to contribute to innovation. These four areas were in turn correlated to the executives’ results on specific EQ-abilities, such as self-actualization, reality testing, interpersonal relations and self-regard.

Emotionally intelligent people communicate effectively, build strong relationships and are apt to changes. All these capabilities contribute to positive leadership and thus create desirable companies where the employees can enjoy themselves and develop. Emotionally intelligent leaders are thus very important for companies who want to create sustainable success in a world where the search for the most suitable talent is getting harder.

What type of leaders are most probable to succeed in your organization? How can you as an organization contribute to the development of these characteristics?

Through measuring emotional intelligence in your organization and during recruiting you can identify people with the right pre-requisites to develop and grow in a leadership role.

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