EQ- coaching is an individual program for leadership development efforts and employees who have a need, or want to work on personal development.

The aim of the program is to work with the participant’s emotional abilities to sharpen and develop action plans and thus increase the participant’s workplace performance and wellbeing. The coaching program is an integrated part of the company’s or organization’s long-term leadership development program and is planned in consultation with the commissioning body.

EQ-coaching is an individual development program that measures individual’s emotional and social capabilities. These are evaluated through actions aided by the self-reporting assessment tool EQ-i 2.0, which measures emotional intelligence. The EQ-coaching is also based on the feedback from the individual’s manager and colleagues in something called Respons 360. Based on the results and feedback we collaborate to create an action plan and a personal training program. This process is aided by several meetings as well as homework. The cornerstones of the program are to map, challenge and support. The goal is to develop the individual’s social and emotional competence as well as effectiveness at work, thus gaining a better balance in life.


The program is usually concluded with a discourse with the superior closest to the individual, divided in to three parts. Through this both the superior and colleagues can continue to work with the action plan and contributions will thus forth contribute to the company’s or organization’s success. The tool measures the emotional abilities that have been positively correlated with workplace success in a substantial international research project.


EQ - coaching is suited for all types of change surrounding the workplace; new challenges, difficulties at work and situations where there is a need to coordinate thoughts and actions with an objective, professional party.

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