If you are not moving forward, you are falling behind

Investing in leadership development and personnel growth leads to increased workplace enjoyment, motivation, performance and thus cost-effectiveness. At Kandidata we see the potential for all individuals and groups to develop. What’s required is motivation, insights into areas of development and mindful training.

Act to Perform is a sister company in the Christer Olsson Group which focuses wholly on individual, group and leadership development. Act to Perform offer development programs for leaders, board of executives, future leaders and trainees, as well as different group development programs. The programs are hand-tailored and often based on emotional intelligence, which focuses on individual dynamic abilities which may be improved instead of the less flexible personality traits. To gain an insight into which abilities and resources the individual or group possess the programs begins with scientifically based measurements. This means that it is easy to identify and evaluate our contributions.  

We work with sustainable leadership development through avoiding the four most common causes of why leadership development fail. In practice, this means that we customize a plan for leadership development along with you through

  • Including the context and purpose of the intervention
  • Always linking reflection to hands-on work
  • Valuing the importance of people’s “mindset” for success
  • Measuring and following up on the result

*Source: Pierre Gurdjian, Thomas Halbeisen, and Kevin Lane © McKinsey January 2014

Feel free to read more about our development programs in Act to Perform or contact us for more information.