Influence Style Indicator™

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Effective leadership relies more than ever on the ability to influence others – influence their ideas, opinions and actions. Influence and impact have always been valuable leadership abilities, but today’s partner organizations make them even more important. Consider how often you must influence people who do not even report to you in order to accomplish your goals. Success is dependent on your ability to effectively influence both those reporting directly to you and people who you have no direct relationship with. Have you ever thought about how you affect others? Which tactic you use? We are all aware that people work in different ways, but are you aware of that we usually have a natural affective style that we are the most comfortable with and basically use every time we seek to influence someone?  

The five influencing styles

  • Rationalizing – Using logic and reasoning to present your ideas
  • Asserting – Stating preferences clearly and applying pressure
  • Negotiating – Compromising and making concessions to find common ground
  • Inspiring – Influencing others through shared purposes and broader possibilities
  • Bridging – Engaging and connecting with others

Suited for

Those whose success depend on their ability to work with people that you have no direct authority over. The first step in being able to influence more people is be able to recognize and use each one of the five styles. Being aware that there are more influencing styles that your own is a good start. To further increase your influence, you also need to know what each style looks like when it is used efficiently and inefficiently. This awareness will help you recognize when an influencing style does not work and how to determine which is the most effective in a given situation.

Ready to find out which influencing style you are using? And what you can do about it?