Leadership development programs

Investing in leadership development and personnel growth leads to increased workplace enjoyment, motivation, performance and thus cost-effectiveness. We work with qualified services and can through our scientifically based tools can optimize the company's goal. They also provide a measurable result which may be shared with the client and the participants.

We at Kandidata customize group- and leadership development programs according to the company or organization’s long-term leadership development strategy. Kandidata is unique in its use of scientifically validated tools to measure the results of the strategic intervention.

The strategic interventions are customized according the needs and requirements of the organization. The aim of the program is to create understanding of your own and others behaviour and to increase teamwork and productivity. Increased awareness of the driving force behind the working methods, culture, value system and communicative preferences of the team will lead to more strategic and efficient decisions. 

This is what we have done:

Personal training program

Individual training programs for individual leaders and key employees begin with a conversation about the current situation, after which an EQ-i 2.0 or other tools are completed. This serves as a base for individual development plans and coaching efforts. A peer review called the Respons 360 may also be used. Upon the completion of the coaching the assessments are completed once again, allowing for a measurable view of improvements. A three-part dialogue with the participant, supervisor and coach may also be preferred in order to ensure that the participant will continue to grow. 

Group development

A group development program may be arranged with a number of group modules to be completed alongside individual coaching.
The participants complete an EQ-i 2.0 and are given individual feedback that leads to an individual development plan. This is an important basis for continued cooperation within a group, as it creates an understanding of one's own way of working, a prerequisite for shared understanding. 

Most days start of with a discussion and review of the EQ abilities and their importance for success and cooperation. This is an opportunity to link the EQ abilities to the organization's leadership values. 

The EQ-i 2.0 may also be generated as a group report that will form the basis for collaborative exercises in groups. The exercises are based on theories of EQ (emotional intelligence). 

Exercises and discussions about emotional intelligence can also be linked to theory of group developments, often as a starting point for discussions about taking initiatives and providing feedback.

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