“You live as long as you learn”

There is no right way. The art of life is to find your way! In Christer Olsson’s third book “You live as long as you learn” he examines why we seldom do what we have set our mind to and how we can change it.

In 49 discursive chapters involving everything from self-respect, fear and willingness to change to jealousy, courage and joy in working Christer paints an intriguing picture while sowing new thought seeds.

You live as long as you learn is a warm and personal book filled with inspiration. It’s also a kickoff to self-development and personal leadership. In the last part of the book there is room for your own reflections and action plans. This is the book for those who want this year to be the year for things to happen!

Christer Olssons tredje bok

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