Our mission

At Kandidata we live with our system of values. Our mission is “We make each other better” and it courses through everything we do together with our customers, colleagues, distributers and other partners.

Our vision is to become Sweden’s most respectable consultancy who make individuals, companies and organizations most successful through measuring and developing emotional intelligence.

We build our operation on scientifically grounded theories about how to reach sustainable success in individuals and organizations – emotional intelligence.

What is it that makes some individuals and organizations successful in finding the motivation to reach further, again and again? Many speak of the intelligence of the heart or the moment. Substantial research consolidates their thesis. The key to successful organizations with motivated, prosperous and insightful employees is EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE. 

Emotional intelligence is one of the most important success factors to succeed in the workplace, both for the individual and for the organization. Individuals who thrive, feel good and work in dynamic organizations simply perform better.

Emotional intelligence is fundamental to our ability to sharpen the mindset and resolve complex social situations. Emotionally intelligent people communicate effectively, build strong relationships and are prone to change. All these abilities contribute to positive leadership and attractive workplaces where employees feel comfortable and grow. Emotionally intelligent leaders are thus of great importance for companies that want to create sustainable success in a world where the pursuit of the most suitable talents is getting tougher.

EQ + IQ = success

EQ cannot replace IQ. And IQ cannot replace EQ. Research shows that general talent is an important and reliable measure of complex problem-solving. IQ shows an individual's ability to interpret technical details, to make efficient plans and to express their thoughts. These abilities are crucial for a person to be able to succeed in different roles. Even so, a high IQ in itself is not enough. The individual must also be aware of his / her ability and be able to use it. It is not uncommon for people with high IQ to be misunderstood and end up in conflict. An individual with a high general talent, for example, needs to be able to communicate with people with lower general talent without being annoyed when things that are obvious to them are not for others.

IQ is important for coping with a job, but it is no guarantee of success. EQ makes you successful.