Using our assessments

Are you deliberating on which tests to administer? Or on which assessments are best to reveal hidden talent amongst your existing colleagues? The secret behind a successful personality assessment is often not choosing the right test, but in choosing the right combination of tests.

We at Kandidata view industrial and organizational psychology assessments as an objective complement to other proven methods in both recruitment and developmental efforts for groups and individuals. Standardized tests reduce the risk of falling into subjective pitfalls and increases the likelihood that the candidates are judged fairly. It also reduces the risk that the candidates are being discriminated based on age, gender, ethnicity or other factors. With assessment tools you can also discover previously hidden potential amongst existing colleagues. 

The assessments used can roughly be divided in to four categories; problem-solving (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), personality tests and tests of functions. Each of the categories have their own peculiar nature and should be evaluated on different grounds. It is also worth mentioning the 360 - degrees feedback assessment (Respons 360), which is not a typical assessment but provides an interesting addition to the family of tests as it illustrates both the individual’s self-report as well as the surrounding environment’s perception of their performance.

No matter how well a test is used, we at Kandidata want to emphasize that no test is better than its administrator and interpreter. The results of the assessments should always be interpreted by professionals in the area and relayed through a respectful dialogue with the respondent. Ethical guidelines for organizational and industrial psychology testing should be carefully followed and the assessments should meet the requirements presented by organizations such as the International Test Commission, Buros Center for Testing and the Foundation for Applied Psychology (Stiftelsen för Tillämpad Psykologi). At Kandidata we exclusively work with well-renowned assessments that follow industrial standards of ethical practice.