Paper Planes, Inc.®

Paper planes is a simulation tool that has been designed from a system perspective and focuses on teamwork, collaboration, change, communication, organizational effectiveness, engagement and customer perspective. The tool is based on renowned teaching materials and offers interactive, pragmatic and relevant moments as it combines real-life organizational problems with leadership and team challenges. Participants can measure the results of the team and compare their success with normative data. 

The simulation tool 

Participants will be employed by an aircraft manufacturing company. Each participant gets his or her own role in the production process; as a assembler, inspector, quality controller etc. The group is tasked with selling as many planes as they can manufacture that meet the customer’s specific quality and appearance requirements. The simulation consists of three production rounds. After each round the participants meet to discuss and develop their contributions regarding production costs, quality, customer satisfaction, delivery time and employee satisfaction. After having evaluated their work, employees are given the opportunity to redesign their production process according to their own specifications and produce more planes. Yet again the production process is evaluated. Different interventions from the customer complicates the design work and the production process. The simulation is suitable for 12-30 participants.