The best way to understand what we can accomplish with our interventions is to take part in what we have already successfully done for our customers. If you would like to speak directly to any of our customers, feel free to contact us!

Improved communication remedied organizational problems

A workgroup at a financial enterprise had been working together for several years. The last four years they have seen four different managers and an unsuccessful potentiation, which has strained the group’s motivation and confidence, reflected in the result of their work. What should be done automated is to a large part still being done manually but with fewer resources. Ahead of yet another shift in managers we were called in to disrupt the downward spiral. Our task is to give the group an increased understanding of each other’s abilities, communication styles and the group dynamic.

Results: Based on a mapping of the current situation and collective reflections a communication plan for the new manager was created to allow them to understand the group’s motivations and what everyone will need to enjoy their work and thus work better. The group has also been given a toolkit to collectively create a motivating work environment in the future as well. 


Leadership development improved the customer experience

A leading company in the finance industry is discontent with its customer satisfaction and chooses to hire us to develop the leadership in the organization. The plan is to provide participating leaders with better opportunities to lead themselves and others in enhancing the customer experience, a train-the-trainer setup. The program is conducted in phases to create a trial and learning process where participants are provided with the opportunity to evolve their leadership ability in different parts of their work. The participants have initially gone through an EQ – assessment to become aware of their areas of strengths and development in connection to the goal of leading the organization to greater customer satisfaction and providing an enhanced customer experience. After the six-month program all assessments showed that the customer satisfaction had improved in the parts of the operation where we had been working in collaboration.

Results: When the program was finished after six months the external and internal results both showed that the customer satisfaction had increased in the parts of the operation where we had been working in collaboration.


Shared compass in the management team enhanced value-systems work

A public administrative authority is working on a new value-system to evolve the company, both to increase efficiency and to be able to meet new demands. Changing the behaviour and attitudes is time consuming and this case requires a lot of work to transform words to intentions and actions. One of the problems is the lack of consensus around the underlying meaning and implications of the new value system, and our mission is to help the group and operation to move forward in the areas where they are stuck. Collectively we conduct thorough work to determine which abilities and behaviours are interlinked with the chosen value system. The board of directorates also gain a larger understanding for how the new value system is connected to the goals of the organization such as efficiency and customer service for the citizens.

Results: Once the directorates had agreed on a shared compass the proceeding work with implementing the new value system in the rest of the organization became a lot easier.

A more secure future through developing leadership potential

A leading international technology consultancy company allows the operation to nominate young future leaders and project managers to participate in our tailor-made leadership program. The program provides the participants with a good foundation for future leadership. Throughout the nine-month course the participants will meet on a steady basis to reflect over their personal development in connection to the company’s daily operations, values, leadership compass and business goals. The strengths and areas of development for each participant is assessed both before and after the program, providing the participants with a good understanding of their own progress and the result of their training while also allowing the company to gain a better insight into potentials of different individuals.

Results: The company identifies potentials amongst the participants ahead of future leadership positions. The participants are taught self-management so that they can manage other people and strategic projects in the future.