WOPI™: Work Personality Inventory

It is crucial for successful organizations to understand what it is that motivates their leaders, colleagues and groups to perform at an optimal level.

WOPI™ is a tool that measures workplace personality. The purpose is to examine personality constructs which may function as psychological “drivers” to improve competence in both individuals and groups at the workplace. WOPI may be beneficial in a range of areas, such as in recruitment and selection efforts, coaching & development and during an introduction of new colleagues and change.

The results of the self-report, consisting of 224 statements, are presented as seven subscales for motivation, four subscales for planning & problem-solving and three subscales for attitudes. All factors influence individual’s behavior and ability to perform in a specific job position and in an organization. As different types of industries and organizations have different demands, WOPI™ may be used to find out if the individual possesses the abilities and is motivated by the demands and benefits of a specific position.

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