WPT-Q – Problem-solving test for screening purposes

A person’s aptitude, or problem-solving ability, is an extremely important factor when predicting whether a person will be able to meet demands of the job and feel satisfied with the challenges. Extensive research shows that qualitative aptitude testing will increase the likelihood that the right person is hired to the right post. This is true for all job types.

Wonderlic Personnel Test – Quick (WPT-Q) is a shortened and quicker version of the well-renowned Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) which has been used as a selection tool since 1937. The WPT-Q acts as a screening test and provides you with a reliable estimate of the respondent’s problem solving ability and potential to become successful in a future job position. The test may be completed remotely, all that is needed is a computer with internet access and 8 minutes of a candidate’s time.

The WPT-Q helps you to preliminary match candidates to jobs where they may work efficiently and feel intellectually satisfied. The test is suited for mass recruitments and helps you sort through your possible candidates, assuring that you do not spend valuable time on individuals who will later prove not to be qualified enough for the specific job. As the test is conducted remotely it is not supervised and the results are presented as either green (the candidate may progress), yellow (the candidate may proceed based on performance on other selection methods) or red (the candidate may not progress). These ranges are tailor-made in dialogue with Kandidata based on the existing requirements for the specific position. The report of the results is delivered directly to you through the Wonderlic Online portal.

Possible uses:

  • Initial selection
  • Mass recruitments
  • Remote completion

When recruiting for higher positions we always recommend that you also complete a WPT-R when selecting between the final candidates.

What does the WPT-Q measure?

  • The results from the WPT-Q provides you with an estimate of the individual’s capacity to:
  • Solve problems in a fast and accurate manner
  • Handle stress
  • Understand instructions
  • Utilize knowledge in new situations
  • Understand and make use of work training
  • Quickly identify and understand larger contexts
  • Prioritize

Why should you use the WPT-Q?

  • In a selective process, when you want to ensure that you are choosing between the candidates with matching problem-solving abilities
  • To find people with a matching cognitive ability in mass recruitments. The right level of intellectual stimulating crucial to whether a person will enjoy themselves and be successful.
  • To reduce staff turnover, as you reduce the risk of recruiting a person to a post that is too demanding, or not enough.

How do I use the WPT-Q?

If you are only interested in a couple of assessments, either for a single occasion or spread out throughout the year, we at Kandidata can greet the candidates in our offices, administer the assessment and relay the results to the candidates.

If you prefer to administer the test yourself, which is more cost-effective at larger volumes, you can participate in a training course with us at Kandidata.

For more information, contact us or download our product leaflet which you can find in the right-hand side menu. You may also view our informational video where we will tell you more about how we measure problem-solving ability and how it can benefit you!