WPT-R – Problem-solving/IQ in 12 minutes

A person’s aptitude or problem-solving ability is extremely important when it comes to predicting whether a person will be able to manage and enjoy the challenges of different jobs. Comprehensive research suggests that qualitative aptitude testing increases the likelihood of successfully recruiting the right person to the right job. This is true for all job types.

Kandidata hold the Swedish sole rights to the Wonderlic Personnel Test, WPT-R, a test that measures what we call general aptitude in a fast and reliable way. The results provide a good appreciation of how easy or difficult a person may experience following directions, making use of knowledge in new situations, grasping larger concepts and solving problems. The test has been successfully used for more than 75 years and is highly recommended by the reputable Buros Center for Testing. 

Through the use of the WPT-R you can be assured that the person you are considering hiring for a certain position will feel satisfied with the intellectual challenges of the role, and that they possess the problem-solving abilities required for the job. Both factors are important if you want to hire a person who will be able to perform and enjoy themselves long term. Since the test reduces the risk of unsuccessful recruitments it also contributes to a reduced staff turnover. The WPT-R may also be used for talent management and succession planning within a company.

Possible uses

  • Recruitment and selection

  • Talent Management
  • Succession planning

What does the WPT-R tell us?

  • The results of the WPT-R estimate the individual’s ability to:
  • Solve problems in a fast and accurate manner
  • Handle stress
  • Understand instructions
  • Utilize knowledge in new situations
  • Understand and make use of work training
  • Quickly identify and understand larger contexts
  • Prioritize

Why should WPT-R be used?

  • To ensure that the person has the cognitive capacity and problem-solving abilities needed to meet the demands of the job.
  • To match the right person to the right job – finding the right level of intellectual stimulation is essential to ensure that a person will be satisfied and successful.
  • To reduce staff turnover, as you reduce the risk of recruiting a person to a job that is too demanding, or not enough.
  • It is faster than many other problem-solving tests, while being just as, or more valid - it only takes 12 minutes.


How do I use the WPT – R? 

If you’re only interested in a few tests, presumably for a single occasion or a few occasionally throughout the year, we at Kandidata are able to greet the candidates in our offices, conduct the testing and relay the results to the candidates. 

 If you would rather administer the test yourself, which is cost effective at larger volumes, you may enroll to become a certified administrator of the test with us here at Kandidata.

For more information, contact us or download our product leaflet which you will find in the right-side menu. You may also view our informational video where we will tell you more about how we measure problem-solving ability and how it may help you create success!