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Online Wonderlic Personnel Test training course. 

Extensive research has shown that problem-solving ability testing will increase the likelihood of recruiting the right people to the right places. This applies to all professions in all selection processes. Kandidata holds the Swedish sole rights to the well-established Wonderlic Personnel Test, the WPT-R, which in a fast and reliable way measures what we call general aptitude. It is one of, if not the most used cognitive ability test in the world. The results indicate how easy or difficult it is for a candidate to follow directions, solve problems utilize knowledge in new situations and grasp larger concepts. In addition to recruitment and selection proccessses, the WPT can also be used in talent management work and succession planning.

You now have the opportunity to become a WPT administrator and train yourself in using the problem-solving ability test, the WPT anywhere, through our new E-learning. You will gain access to both theoretical and practical information presented in a concise and comprehensive manner, so that you may use the WPT in your selection and recruitment work. Does it sound interesting?  

The training course is divided into two stages. The goal of part one, the e-learning, is for you to:
• Feel comfortable with the practical use of the tool
• Be able to interpret the result and relay it back to the respondent
• Gain insights into the science and statistics behind the WPT
• Gain a greater understanding of the concept that you are measuring and in what ways it is useful in your work

In step two you will have contact with one of the Kandidata’s consultants during a coaching session where you will have a chance to discuss and reflect on the test and ask any questions you may have. The meeting takes place online and if possible in a group.

Course material: 

  • The history of IQ
  • New research into the concept of IQ
  • What is the most important in work settings – IQ or EQ?
  • How to measure IQ in a modern, safe and ethical way
  • IQ in action – interpretation, uses and how to relay the results of the WPT 

Feel free to download our informational leaflet for more information about the WPT-test.

Price: 9.800 kr excl. VAT

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