Virtual EQ in Action in English, May 22

Datum: 22 maj 2019

EQ in Action is for you who are already certified in EQ-i and want to deepen your skills in interpreting results and providing feedback in selection and coaching situations. The course focuses on how to interpret and use the tool. Perhaps you have not worked with the tool for a while, or you may have experienced some particularly difficult feedback that you want to discuss. Perhaps you simply want to learn more about the interpretation, feedback and usage of the tool to increase your professionalism. During the training day you will participate in a virtual group together with other certified individuals.

The course repeats parts from the previous certification course but the focus will be on discussing different "cases" provided by Kandidata. There is also room for bringing your own unidentified reports for common discussions and interpretations. 

Time: at. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: Virtual

Price: 995 kr excl. VAT (or free if you are certified by Kandidata within the last 12 months)

Application: via our online form no later than one week before the course